If your ESPCut is installed in C:\Program Files\... and if you have problems with updates - please use "Run as administrator" option in explorer or reinstall it in other folder C:\ESPCut for example. Sorry about this...

ESCut is Integrated development environment for ESP8266. It supports Lua and Micropython programming languages. In ESPCut you can easy to burn new firmware and to upload/download files in the ESP8266 using Drag and Drop functionallity. Also there is JIT compilers for Lua and Python to validate your code on the fly... etc. etc. Just try it.;

Why ?

The simple answer is - "love at first sight"!
Well, I think that there is no way not to fall in love in combination of ESP and NodeMCU ... Fast Development, high-level script language LUA, plenty of libraries, energy independent file system and wireless connectivity.
I do not know any other hardware that give you all these options at the price of a beer.


Supported languages

- LUA;
- Python;
- JavaScript;
- C++;
- Perl;


Contact e-mail: